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       1) Treatment availabe:

  • Head: Dizziness, headache, toothache (besides cavities and gingivitis), snoring,etc.
  • Shoulders, Neck and Back: pain and deviation.
  • Waist and Legs: Pelvic deviation, lumbar muscles, sciatica, knee pain, long and short legs, X and O legs disalignment, calf pain.
  • Hands and feet: wrist and finger pain, tennis elbow, golf elbow, lame foot, habitual ankle sprain, heel pain, etc.
  • Others: painful periods, after childbirth body ajustment such as: sacral width, postpartum leakage, etc.


       2) Provide you with post-injury and rehabilitation exercise/physical therapy to avoid muscle compensation due to injury, to avoid body structure and muscle fuction to be affected resulting in additional injuries.


      3) Tradional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to maintain your health

      TCM originates in ancient China and has evolved over thousands of years. TCM practitioners use herbal medicines and various mind and body practices, such as cupping treatment, to treat or prevent health problems.

       We provide Traditional Chinese Medicine  to maintain health. According to different seasons, we will give you  advice adapted to your health situation.

       Some benifits of theTCM treatments include

Reduces fatigue and stress from work and life overall and Relieves insomnia; 

• Stimulates antibody production and thus strengthen the immune system;

• Reverses/prevents aging and increases longevity; 

• Reduces painful body parts.



Traditional Chinese Medcine Maintain Health

Time Membership Price no-Membership Price
≤30 minutes $59.99/ time+tax $69.99/ time+tax
≤60 minutes $109.99/ time+tax $129.99/ time+tax

Notes: Please make appointment before. 


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