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        We provide different style yoga course, inculde Ashtanga yogaHatha yogaFlow yoga, Therapy yogaSlimming yogaHealth yogaBeauty yoga and Peace yoga, as well as Taichi group class etc.

                        Group Course Schedule (Yoga & Taichi)

Time Morning Afternoon





Yoga 5:15  (60min)

Tuesday  Yoga 10:30  (60min) /

Yoga 6:15  (60min)


/ / Yoga 5:30  (60min)


Yoga 10:30  (60min) / Yoga 6:15  (60min)


/ / Yoga 5:15  (60min)


Taichi 10:00  (60min)

Yoga 12:00  (60min)

/ /


Yoga 10:30  (60min) / /


   1) For more group class information, please check the below monthly group class scheduel.

    2) For Taichi class, please bring the indoor shoes.

    3) Please come to the classroom 5 minutes early and shut off your cellphones to ensure the quality of our class.


  Monthly Group Classes Scheduel:

        Hua Yoga Group Classes Scheduel in March, 2020

        Hua Yoga Group Classes Scheduel in Feb, 2020

        Hua Yoga Group Classes Scheduel in Jan, 2020

        Hua Yoga Group Classes Scheduel in Dec, 2019

        Hua Yoga Group Classes Scheduel in Nov. 2019

        Hua Yoga Group Classes Scheduel in Oct. 2019


  Group Classes Price:

(60 minutes/time)
Regula Price Membership price Student & Senior
( ≥65)
Trial Class $10+tax / $5+tax
Group Class (Yoga/Taichi Class,drop in)  $20+tax $18+tax $15+tax
5 times card(within 2 months) $100+tax $80+tax $65+tax
10 times card(within 3 months) $ 200+tax $150+tax $125+tax
Unlimited Card for 1 month $200+tax $150+tax $125+tax
Unlimited Card for 3 month $380+tax $320+tax $295+tax

Notes: Membership regist fee is $30 for the first time. You should purchase any products  in our studio at least $10  per year to keep your membership card, otherwise you have to pay additional $10 to reactivate your membership card. 


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